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The Kabbalah of Happiness

The Kabbalah of Happiness

  • The Kabbalah of Happiness

  • Turning Oy into Joy

    Have you ever felt like:

    • Yikes! Life is overwhelming, I wish I could just ignore all the stressful things, but I'm afraid that would be irresponsible."
    • "Some years ago I thought I'd be happy if only I had ______. Now I'm finally there, I have ______ but and I don't feel much happier for it.
    • "I'm doing pretty well, but life still feels shallow. I want to feel good on the inside, not just look good on the outside."
    • "Heck. I just want to be happy."

    On December 6 we will be joined by Rabbi David Aaron, is a spiritual visionary and master Kabbalist from Jerusalem to talk about The Kabbalah of Happiness  helping you flourish by recognizing the goodness in life and providing you with the tools to live mindfully (and meaningfully) and rise above the everyday worries that drag you down. 

    Tuesday, December 6 at 7:30pm

    At the JCC 2108 Vail Ave. Redondo Beach, CA

    $10 per person

  • About Jerusalem Kabbalist Rabbi David Aaron

    Rabbi David Aaron is a spiritual visionary and master educator who has invested over 3 decades delving into life’s BIGGEST question marks and sharing Torah’s transformational wisdom to adults and young adults. He has emerged as the ‘God expert’ simply because he has dared to ask and answer the most difficult questions that he/ALL people have and struggle with about God’s existence and their own. Rabbi David Aaron gently urges us to take a look at the self-defeating and silly notions we carry about ourselves and God. His wit lets our inner child listen while our critical mind begins to perceive a profound new world. Disarmed by Rabbi Aaron’s exhilarating undeniable clarity, we dare to look at our deepest assumptions, doubts and fears and challenge our paradigms of belief. Amazingly, we discover that our changing view of God and ourselves gives us access to reserves of personal power we never experienced before, and new doorways open in our loving relationships. 

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